Character Sitting
Aura Online is a Hack and Slash MMORPG where you explore a dynamic world and uncover the relics left behind by its ancient civilizations. Current factions fight for territory and resources. The world comes to life around you while you’re on your own adventure. When you’re away set up shop to share your wares in the field. Defeat monsters that threaten you and uncover the knowledge and treasures of the past.



Updated many aspects of the website including bringing the user system to the home page with out having to load all of the other pages. Added server-side push notifications to in-game status bar. Added in-game settings to web interface.


You can now select your character and view your progression.


We're excited to let a few people with an invite code take a peek and give some feedback. To send feedback click on the Send Feedback button at the bottom of the page. Today, we're also releasing a voting system to gauge the expectations of the MMO and what your ideal MMO may be like. We're aiming to pin down some of the nuances of MMO games so we prevent a rocky start and make the best game possibly!