Development History

Aura Online has been in development since 2002. This is an outline of the development of this game and it's roots.

The aspiration to make games and the earliest versions of what this is today was in 2002. I had began playing RuneScape over the Christmas break of 2001. My friends and I would play RuneScape for hours on end. Meeting up in the game and questing together, chating after school, it was our social network. At the same time, I had been playing Zelda and Final Fantasy for a couple of years at this point. I wanted to play a mixture of these games. What if Final Fantasy was a hack and slash with online play. I wanted my own art, items, characters, enemy, and world. This was the seed that started my passion to make this game.

The original name of Aura was Fantasylore. I hosted the 'game' on my router. The game had several pages. I had created graphical icons with Macromedia Fireworks. I had a front page, item page, map page, and chat page. The chat client was a Java Applet.

Tim Fox/'s Desk in 2004
Tim Fox at 12 years old in front of the computer set up at that time.

I had explored making the game in many different engines. I'd engage in learning a particular one and my first project was always a hack and slash adventure.

Irrlicht GameMaker Prototype thumbnails
2009 Rapture Design Document

In 2014 I restarted the project as I still wanted to make games, my passion for film, photography, and design had dwindled. I still wanted to see my game through.

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